Friday, July 18, 2014

My version of the Abby Police Challenge Run

I had weigh in this morning, I'm just going to say that I'm still frustrated, I've had yet another gain and I really don't know what the heck is going on.  I'm a little worried about this, but I didn't have time to stay to talk to my leader about this gaining trend I have going on as I was meeting up for a run with the ladies.

When I left my Weight Watchers meeting I was frustrated, and a little angry and down on myself but I hopped in the car and drove the Clearbrook Library where I was meeting up with a few of the run clinic ladies.  Today should have been the Abbotsford Police Challenge Run, it's the first race I did a year ago and I was looking forward to running it again this year to see how far I've come.  Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to staffing and budget cuts by the city. 

That didn't stop us through as I met up with 3 of the run clinic ladies, and we decided to do the Abby Police Challenge 5K route.  We headed out all together and as usual I fell behind pretty quickly.  I'm a little frustrated that I don't seem to be getting any faster, but what I have to remember is that I am getting faster as are they.:)

By the time I got to Clearbrook Road, the ladies were long gone, I couldn't see any of them so I just kept plodding along.  The route for the Abbotsford Police Challenge starts out on Trethewey Street, left onto MacClure Road, right onto Clearbrook Road, right into Clearbook Park, around part of Downes bowl, and back up onto Trethewey Street.  It was when I was back onto Trethewey that I truly saw how far behind I was as two of the ladies drove past me as they headed home.

Yep, they were done, in their car and headed home and I still had another kilometer to go.  It took the wind out of my sails a little bit but I kept going.  When I was coming up to the last intersection I would pass before finishing I saw the other lady running back towards me.  She had just reached the parking lot and decided to back track to see how I was doing.

I so appreciated her doing that.  It made me feel better that I wasn't really that far behind her, the other two are just super speedy compared to me :)  I was happy with my time, although I don't have an actual time as I screwed up my garmin when I hit stop instead of lap and didn't notice for a few minutes.  I had it stopped for about 1/4 of a kilometer so about three minutes.  As my garmin was showing the total distance as 4.63KM and I know for sure that it is a true 5K distance that we did.

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