Monday, June 3, 2013

Super Sunday!

What a difference 24 hours can make for a person.  Sunday was bright and sunny, my mood was good and the dog cooperated on our morning walk!  Wahoo! 

The day started off with a 3km walk around the neighbourhood with a pick up from my husband and our usual Sunday morning stop.  A timbit for Angus and a drink for my husband.  We stopped by the nursery and picked up some plants, so I was able to get my gardening done.  We put in 2 tomato plants, 2 strawberry plants, 12 peas, 6 beans, a variety of herbs and did some containers of plants as well.  I have to tell you I was happier than a pig in muck.   I so enjoyed getting everything planted.  It makes it seem as though summer may actually be around the corner.

When I was done gardening, I went in to put some heat on my back as it was not happy with being bent over all morning planting.  I sat and read a book for a while and decided that I really wanted some ice cream.  I've been fighting the urge for it for a few weeks now and I really wanted it, and not just any ice cream but Birchwood Dairy Ice Cream.  It is the best ice cream around and you can only get it at the actual dairy. 

I told my husband I was going for ice cream and could he meet me at the dairy in an hour or so.  You see the dairy's about 4km's from our house and I decided I was going to walk it.  I turned on my ipod and hit the road.  45 minutes later.  I was there...with my husband just before me.  He literally passed me as I was turning into the drive way.   

The line up was out the door, about a 25 minute wait, my wonderful husband got in line and Angus and I wandered the parking lot until a picnic bench opened up.  We took a seat in the shade so Angus could cool down and waited for our Ice Cream.

I loved every bit of my Smores Ice Cream Cone!
It took about a half hour before my husband came back with Smores Ice Cream for us and I have to say, I loved it.  It was so worth earning the activity points to have.  Premium Ice Cream was 8 PP, the Cone was another 3, but I earned 11 activity points with my two walks so I was more than happy to call it even!

I didn't eat all of my cone as Angus was really wanting some Ice Cream, however we both chose a chocolate based ice cream, so that meant he got my cone but no Ice Cream for the poor dog, no matter how longingly he looked at us.

Oh come on dad, just a taste, a little bit? 
It was a great day for activity, at total of 19,333 steps and 16 activity points earned.  I call that a great day!


  1. Love the picture of your puppy - just can't resist those little faces!

    So inspired by your journey!

    1. Thanks Lyda Ann, he is cute and he knows it!