Friday, June 7, 2013

Made it through the week!

It's been a challenging week.  A lot of different things happened but I'm really happy with how I've handled them.  I had a bit of a disaster of a day on Wednesday.  I got home from work and about an hour later my husband and I decided to go for a drive.  We opened the door to the garage and were overwhelmed by the smell of gasoline.  We soon discovered that my fuel filter had cracked and fuel was leaking from the car.  A call to the fire department and an hour later the gas was being soaked up by an absorbent material, the fire department was gone, BCAA had been called for a tow in the morning to the dealership and I had made arrangements to work from home on Thursday.

I was happy with how I handled the whole situation, in the past I may very well have sat down and eaten a bowl of popcorn or chips or something.  Instead, I sat and talked to my husband, surfed the internet and played with the dog.  I wasn't even tempted to make something to eat and that made me feel really good.  To me it means the changes I've made in my lifestyle are taking hold and I'm doing good with the options and choices I'm making.

As I was working from home, dealing with getting the car fixed and attending a fundraising dinner at a local pizza restaurant I knew that I had to ensure that I got all of my steps in on Thursday and I did really well.  When the dealership courtesy shuttle was driving me home, I had them drop me off a couple of blocks away so I could get a bit of a walk in, and then when my sister was coming to get me to take me to pick up my car, I walked  few blocks to make it easier for her to pick me up as well. 

Besides attending the fundraiser last night, I also got to do something I have never done before.  I picked up my first official Run Kit for the Abbotsford Police Challenge Run.  I went by Peninsula Runners and picked up my official bib with timing chip.  I was so excited to get it that I didn't even wait to get a good picture of it at home.  I lay the bib and the bag on the car seat and snapped away.  A quick tweet and I was off!

This morning, my friend and co-worker was picking me up as my car still smells horribly of gas and needs to air out.  I walked down to the park for her to meet me  as well, saving her a couple of minutes driving time but getting a 20 minute walk in first thing this morning.

As you know today was weigh in day and after the disappointment of a gain last week, I was hoping for a good loss this week.  Well I wasn't disappointed.  I weighed in at lunch time with a total loss of 3.4pounds.  Wahoo!  I felt so good about it!

I am so excited for tomorrow.  I'm hoping to do the 5km in an1:05:00   That's been my best time so far on my walk with the dog, so I think I should be able to do it no problem.    I'll write up a full report on it tomorrow night. 

Steps so far this week:
Sunday 19,333
Monday 11,688
Tuesday 14,026
Wednesday 15,604
Thursday 12,383

Enjoy your weekend!

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