Monday, October 14, 2013

Thankful for so much.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed their weekend.

Friday was weigh in day, I was really apprehensive about going to weigh in as I was fairly certain I would be dealing with a gain.  I went to weigh in and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I actually had a loss.  A good loss, I was down 1.9 pounds this week!  Wahoo!  My leader asked me if I had a weight in mind as my goal weight.  I told her I didn't, and she asked me to start thinking about it.

After weigh in, I had a doctors appointment.  It was a follow up appointment to a medication change a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to talk to my doctor about setting a goal weight.  Thankfully he wasn't busy and we had a chance to talk about all manner of things.  We talked about my weight loss to date, and potentially setting a goal weight.  He would like to see where I am weight wise in January when I will have been on WW for a year, before setting a goal weight.  We talked about my blood sugars, which have been great, between 4-6 every day and because they are doing so well, he took me to 1/2 a tablet instead of a full tablet of one of my medications. Yeah!   He also told me I could come off two of my other medications as well!  He told me he was impressed with how I was doing and if I kept it up I would be off of everything before much longer.  

I was so happy with this visit that I had a permanent smile all day long!

I decided on Saturday I had to try to do some intervals, head cold or not as I have the Rubber Ducky 5K next Sunday.  I haven't done any intervals in over a week so after all our usual Saturday morning running around was done off I headed.  I started out strong with my intervals, running for god lengths of time.  I had planned an out and back route, and had mapped it out so I knew where to turn around.

Where I started from across from where I turned around
 I was feeling pretty good up to that point.  I was breathing hard because of my cold but I was feeling pretty good  Until I turned around.  I then had a head wind that was just strong enough to keep stealing my breath away.  I finally decided I had to stop running.   I just couldn't get my breath and had to keep covering my mouth and nose with my hands to get a breath in, I started coughing and was a little worried about triggering an asthma attack, I didn't have my inhaler with me.  Not to self, put inhaler in pocket when leaving the house for intervals!  I was still really happy when I looked at my splits at home.  I actually remembered to push the lap button on my watch when I started and stopped running!
Finally gave up running and walked back!
 Sunday was a beautiful day!  My husband and I packed Angus into the car and headed out to Burnaby Lake so that I could scope out where the Rubber Ducky 5K is being held next week  I was really glad we did, so I could get the lay of the land.   There is a lot of parking and it's free (Bonus!) the route looks to be fairly flat (thank goodness) and it was really easy to get to.  We really enjoyed our leisurely walk around the trail with Angus.  It was such a nice morning.

Today we will be heading over to my parents for thanksgiving dinner.  It will be great to see everyone, have dinner together and laugh around the kitchen table.  When it come time to say what we're thankful for I have a whole list.  My family, my friends, my health, my running and my weight loss.  I couldn't have said those last three things this time last year.  I truly am thankful for all that I have.

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