Thursday, February 28, 2013

Holy Rain much????

I know I live on the "Wet Coast" but holy rain batman!  It's been raining pretty much since 8am this morning, and not just a light little sprinkle but a downpour most of the day.  I gave my umbrella to a train buddy this morning as she forgot her's and had several meetings she had to walk to in downtown and at that point it wasn't yet raining.  I knew I had another one in my desk drawer so I didn't think it was that big a deal.  Until the train pulled into the station, I got off the train and as I was walking to the escalator the heavens opened.  With no umbrella I decided to cheat and take the skytrain to work.  I can walk to work from the train station in about 14 minutes, the sky train takes bout 8 minutes, not much of a time savings but the pay off is the time spent outdoors.  The skytrain station I get off at is underground and when I get off and walk through the underground mall, I literally pop out across the street from my work buildings back door.  Nice and easy for when you don't want to arrive at work looking like  a drenched rat!

I've challenged myself to get out of my office and walk for at lest 30 minutes each day on my lunch.  I really, really, really debated doing it today.  It seemed like every time I looked out my office window, the rain was coming down sideways.  I'd look down onto the street (I'm on the 3rd floor) the water was running down the street.  I finally decided to heck with it, a little rain never hurt anyone right?  Right?  Well now it didn't hurt but I was soaken wet, and cold when I got back to the office from my walk. My umbrella was soaked, my jacket was soaked and my shoes were squelching there was so much water in them.  But I walked, for 32 minutes, I got up off of my chair and moved my body! 

When it came time to come home and I put my runners back on they were still quite wet so I figured what the heck, my feet are already wet and I need to get my daily steps in so I walked down to the train station.  Even with my umbrella I was a drowned rat by the time I got to the train.  The rain even affected my commute home as the train had to crawl along the tracks at a couple of places due to issues with the tracks.  I got into my home station cold, wet and hungry.  I decided to bypass my usual Thursday night gym workout and just go home I was feeling so miserable.

I got home and was starting to feel guilty about not going to the gym when I realized I had a workout at home I could do.  A few weeks ago at Costco I bought a kickboxing/killer abs dvd set and I hadn't yet cracked it open.  It's 1 20 minute workout so I could easily fit it in while dinner cooked.  I'm so glad I did!  I had such a good workout from it.  A much better choice then sitting on my butt on the coach feeling guilty.  Yeah for healthy choices!!!!

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