Friday, November 8, 2013

Power of a gain.

Sometimes it is little.  A couple of ounces this week, a couple more next week, a pound here, half a pound there.  Nothing can strike fear into the heart of someone on a weight loss journey than that polite look on the face of person conducting your weigh in when they politely close your weight journal and hand it back to you, telling you to have a good week.  Without saying congratulations! 

I always smile back, thank them and then nervously peak at my journal as I walk over to take a seat in the meeting area.  A gain!  A groan!  The panic of going the wrong way on the scale.  That instant thought of what's the point of doing this!

It's amazing how having that tiny little plus sign in front of a very small number can have such a large impact on how you feel, whether you were expecting it or not.  Whether you feel you deserve it or not.

The power of a gain just about did me in.  I had thought that perhaps by the end of October I would hit that next milestone of 75 pounds lost.  I only had a few ounces to go and then I could celebrate.  However that didn't happen, instead I had a gain!  I gained a pound and it had the power to almost ruin my whole day.  I left the meeting in a mood, I was hungry, it was 830am and I hadn't had breakfast yet.  I could go for an Egg McMuffin, or maybe a Sausage McMuffin, and hey look, there's McDonalds right there on the next block.  It would be so easy to just go into that drive thru and place an order.

The power of a amazing thing.  The only thing more powerful?  The power of knowing that this was a blip, this week will be better, that you're doing something good for you.

I discovered that I'm more powerful than a gain....and that's a great thing!

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