Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rough Go of it...

...the past couple of weeks. I discovered that a concussion is not as easy to get over as I had originally thought. The dr. said I could go back to the gym after I was headache free for 3 days in a row. Well it's been three weeks and I've managed two days now, tomorrow will hopfully be three and then I'm back in the gym.

This has also been a very difficult week for me emotionally. I have two animals, a cat who I rescued 8 years ago and a dog. On monday I took Duncan, the cat, to the vets for some dental surgery. It should have been simple, I should have had him home that afternoon. Instead I got the call that my beloved Duncan had passed away.

It has been a very difficult week...


  1. Oh Katie, I'm sorry for the loss of Duncan :(

    And I hope the headaches clear up soon and you can get back to regular.

  2. Katie, I'm sorry to hear about Duncan. Be proud that you gave him 8 wonderful years :( I have to go back and read about the concussion. Wow. I hope you are feeling better soon.